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International Transport

Our work is wide and varied, that is why we have international transport with weekly lines to the EU. Some of the most common jobs we do are in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg and Australia. We have extensive experience in vehicle transport or long-distance moving services, providing the best guarantees. We also offer the greatest possible facilities and real-time monitoring for comfort and confidence in our services.

  • Management of full or fractional loads
  • Cargo tracking in real time
  • Intermodal transport
  • Port operations
  • Capillary transport
  • Members of ASTIC (Association of International Road Transport)
  • ISO 9001/2008 certification

For all these reasons, we are members of ASTIC (Association of International Road Transport), one of the oldest and most experienced business organizations in road transport.

In the face of any problem that may arise, Grupo Cariño offers tailored, fast and effective solutions to eliminate the impediments presented. In addition, our staff consists of training and experience to optimize the service of long-distance transfers.


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