Vehicle transport company

Vehicle transport company

Empresa transporte vehículo - Transportes Cariño

Hasn’t happened to you that at the least opportune moment, when you need your vehicle the most, it suffers a failure?

The anxiety of everything that involves the paperwork, the withdrawal of the vehicle, having to call the workshop to warn that we are going to take a damaged vehicle and that we need it soon …

In Grupo Cariño we can take care of:

  • withdraw your vehicle. We are a vehicle transport company with more than 50 years of experience.
  • Manage all the necessary paperwork for the removal and transfer of your vehicle.
  • We have our own mechanical full auto body workshops. You will not have to constantly call a workshop to know when they can take your car, the time it will take to do so, etc.
  • Put the car rental service at your disposal while they repair yours.

International Vehicle Transport Company

You can rest assured that being a vehicle transport company we are familiar with everything that a transfer entails. And we will take care of all the procedures for you.  

Call now the telephone number (+34) 958 459 001 for information about our vehicle transport company, or fill out the web form. We will surely find a solution to your problem and you will be able to have your vehicle repaired in a very short period of time.


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